Have you accepted Christ into your life recently and are ready to take the next step in your faith?

Water Baptism

Once you have made the decision to follow Jesus, one of the best things you can do next is get water baptized. Simply put, believing and baptism go together.
When you get baptized you are saying to God and to others, “ I have decided to follow Jesus!”
All who believed…were baptized. (Acts 2:41)
Jesus said, “Go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the father, and the son and the Holy Spirit.”  (Matt 28:18)
We have baptism opportunities the last Sunday of every month at KRT. Just click on the button below to register for the next Baptism Sunday!

Attend Baptism Service

You will want to attend the baptism service at the campus you attend, or where the baptism will take place.

Invite Your Family and Friends

This is a huge step, so we want you to invite your family and friends to witness your declaration to follow Jesus through baptism.

Keep the Shirt

You don't have to worry about what to bring for baptism. We will give you a t-shirt to wear!