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APRIL 14TH | 3PM - 7PM

We are partnering with ReGeneration to help feed the vulnerable people in Brampton and surrounding areas.
Consider donating some non-perishable items for those in need.

  • Please place your donations in the trunk of your vehicle in grocery bags or a box. 
  • You will be directed to pull up in front of the church.  When you stop please put your car in park, put on your 4 way lights and pop your trunk while remaining in your vehicle.
  • One of our team members will come to you your trunk, take out the donated items and close the trunk for you.
Please be sure to stay in your vehicle.
If you are sick please stay home.  We will be maintaining physical distancing.
Thank you for joining us to help the most vulnerable in our city at this time.

Here is a list of items needed most:
Rice, Flour, Side Dishes, Canned Chicken, Canned Ham, Canned Tuna, Pasta Sauce, Tea, Instant Coffee, Powdered Milk, Peanut Butter, Jam, Baby Formula, Diapers (all sizes), Toilet Paper, Bar Soap, Toothpaste, Deodorant


We will not be meeting at our regular locations until April 13th, when we will reassess.
As of now, all mid-week services will not be meeting, and will be moving online as well.
We will still be gathering online.
As our world grapples with how to handle the evolving coronavirus pandemic, we know that your heart is being bombarded with many different messages. Our prayer is that you feel supported and strengthened in this time by your church family.

The church office will remain open and staff available to provide care, prayer and support.  If at any point in the next few weeks you are in need, KRT is here to help.  Please fill out the form below to provide us with information on how we can help you.  Your request will be reviewed promptly, and we will contact you with more information.

HERE IS WHAT We are doing as a church staff

Viral disease is a fact of biological existence and part of creation. Keeping perspective and not panicking apply here, just as they do for all risks we face as creatures in a finite world. No matter how dire circumstances get, the Lord remains our refuge and strength, “an ever-present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). To trust in the Lord amid trouble is to experience and bear witness to the power of Christ.

We must pray for the sick and the scared, for public health officials, for doctors and nurses, for researchers, and for caregivers. As Christians, we believe prayer has power, so we seek help from the Lord.

The media is inundated with daily updates and it’s impossible to read, absorb and respond to every news report, Tweet, or latest rumor. We’re following a reliable list of information for educational, planning and management purposes.

 Region of Peel     Ontario Health

Because COVID-19 likely spreads like the cold and the flu, personal hygiene is very important for all ages. We’re also doing the following:

We’ve established a staff team that is meeting regularly to review all of our efforts in response to COVID-19.

We’re staying informed of community updates.

We’re adjusting our weekend services to be solely online until March 31st, and will reassess.

Small groups are still encouraged to meet virtually or over the phone. Mid-week services are moving online as well.

We’re reviewing all of our communication practices with our church family and implementing appropriate communication when appropriate – like this webpage.


Pray for our community and those directly affected by COVID-19. Pray for the health care workers that are treating the sick and those public health administrators making difficult decisions. Pray that God would protect our community from further spread of the virus.

Reflect Christ. In these anxious days, the church (all of us) can shine as a light of hope, care, faith, patience and prudence. We can demonstrate for the world how our faith provides true assurance against worry and fear.

Practice recommended personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid contact with the sick. Stay home from public functions if you’re sick. Enjoy our online service.

Do you need help?